chui  Tai Ping Koon Restaurant (TPK) was founded in 1860 (Qing Dynasty-10th year of Xianfeng) by Mr. Chui Lo Ko who originally worked as a Chef for a western trading company in Guangzhou and his specialties were western dishes. He left the company and became a hawker. Created a fusion of Chinese and Western dishes, which were appreciated by his customer. In 1860, Mr. Chui started up his own restaurant in Tai Ping Sha of Guangzhou and he named it according to the venue. It was the first restaurant in Guangzhou specializing in western cuisine.

  The most special dishes such as roasted pigeon, smoked pomfret, Baked Coconut Chicken in Portuguese Style were created by Mr. Chui and renowned in Southern Guangdong. The Marinade invented by the successors became an incomparable classical dish as well. The historic customers include Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Zhou Enlai, Chiang Kai-shek. In 1938, successors of Mr. Chui started up the first TPK in Hong Kong and became the first ancestor of Hong Kong Style Western Restaurant. TPK obtained an important status in the culture of Hong Kong Diet. Nowadays, Hong Kong Tai Ping Koon restaurant is still run by the Chui family. (No branch in Mainland China)

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